Born  in Sardegna  by different seeds, I do not consider myself nor FROM nor OF a particular place, I prefear the definition "earth's son". I am a vibration in shape of a body. I love my life and I accept the death.I enjoy Music as an exiting language , i really love to try speaking  this language . I look directly at the sun , having life and power , when i'm up , I sing to the sweet moon , having peace , when i'm down . I'm not sure about nothing but Music . Hope YOU fell good.

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January 7th, 2007 + 6:01 PM  ·  Mesanotte

Piantati la Grana In Casa played live whit Toxic Tuna , my Ska Band from Milan.
The same idea , but more ska , obvoiusly.
The trumpet and my sax solos are improvised ( not very well , but we try..)
this was taken from an exibition at Colorno in winter of 2006.
Probably this will be the definitive version from the ska side , but still working with other bands.....
Hope you'll like.


January 7th, 2007 + 10:01 AM  ·  Mesanotte

This is the first skit , i'm working on it whit my bands , as soon as possible i'll upload here more intresting(i hope ) versions.
The song wants to speak about the fact that we(all, principally not even knowing ) pay the cost of money , and it is hard. but why money costs so much? maybe cause our political class give to external and PRIVATE corporations the production of paper.
The state ( all states do it ) buy our money from those corporations , at much of the nominal cost...
if corporation spends 1 dollar for type a 100 dollar paper , the state buy it at 103 dollars.
it's a perverse mechanism , and we all pay for it .
that's why money cost so much . but money can be done at home , whitout all this privileges and sofferences...
just kennedy tried to solve this problem , but unfortunately he immediately died  and new free money were immediately
so i want to speak about it.

hope you'll understand my disgusting english...

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